How to introduce social media to your business

Identify –  What is it you want to achieve? What are your goals and desired results? Do you want to build relationships, reach out for new customers, get more sales, promote offers or just use social media as a branding exercise.
Customers’ Needs – What is it your customer wants from you and your business. How can you assess how to reach them with social media Think about how they use social media and mirror this. You will need to know the range of social media platforms your customers use.
Evaluate – Do your competitors use social media to market their businesses?. What you can learn from them and their approach. Investigate to see what works for them … and what doesn’t.
Approach – Assure this is tailored to the way in which a social media platform functions and how your customers use it. Establish realistic, achievable, goal-driven objectives, and set out how you are going to measure success on your posts.
Research the tools available to help you measure your impact on social media platforms. There are a magnitude of social media platforms available but so choose what is best for your business. If you require any guidance on this then contact us at The Digital Formula for a Free Review
Social media is a must as part of your companies’ full marketing strategy and plans. Use social media to complement your existing marketing activities. Social media is an ‘as well as’ and should not be ‘an instead of’ replacement
Create a strong profile on your social media platform/s — think about how you position yourself, how you can offer benefit or solutions to your potential customers. Explain clearly (in a non-complicated way) what you do and how you can help and add value to a new audience. Write it so people ‘like’ what you do and will be happy to ‘follow’ you Don’t forget to add contact details and links. This is your first impression when landing on your profile page so make an impact
Relevance Make sure your marketing messages are relevant to your customers, informative, interesting and engaging.
Persistently broadcasting to your audience is not needed. Quality is better than quantity. Don’t deliver constant hard sales messages; instead, share your knowledge and expertise and give something back
Respond to feedback and your customers’ attempts to engage or get involved with you. Positive or negative feedback should be addressed as soon as possible to show you are interested in what they have to say and that you care. Ignoring your audience can cause damage
Monitor and measure your social media use, measure your progress and make changes to your approach if it is not working. With every social media portal there are analytic tools to measure the success and engagement with your audience. You can use this as a tool to assure what your doing is correct meeting your overall goals and are on track to get a return of your investment and time.
Be patient — it will take time to learn how to integrate and use social media within your business. Building long lasting relationships and a great reputation takes time and nurturing so don’t expect over-night results
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Remember you can contact us if you need any help and guidance to take your social strategy to the next level.

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