12 Twitter for Business Handy Hits

Twitter for business Handy Hits

Maximum Traction 20 Minute per day Twitter Regime (generally done in the a.m. when twitter is quieter).
1. Send out 3 social media chit chat messages giving people a flavour of your life.
2. Share 4 things that you have found valuable about your area of interest/domain expertise that you want to share with others (from Google reader).

3. Re-Tweet a proportion of messages from others that you found valuable.
4. Send out a minimum of 2 messages that demonstrate your expertise or knowledge or something interesting about your product/service.
5. Spend time replying to anyone that messages you (@replies).
6. Spend time answering any questions around your area of expertise.
7. Spend some time recommending other people to follow (advocacy).
8. Answer any direct messages that are not spam.
9. Invite a daily question on your area of expertise or knowledge.
10. Follow 30 new people each day based on your area of interest and check your followers and follow back any new people.
11. Spend time in the Search on keywords or on a specific hashtag, listen & then engage when you can contribute and add value to the conversation.
12. Perform a random act of kindness – thanking someone, congratulating them, trying to help them, noticing something they have done, commenting on their website/blog/tweet etc.

Six keys to success on the social web:

1. Consistency
2. Authenticity
3. Leadership
4. Be topical, be relevant.
5. Be social!
6. Make people feel special.
Hope this helps….
By Angus Findlay

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