10 Top MOT Tips for your Online Presence

10 ways to improve your online marketing

There are several painless ways to improve and update your online presence.  Check out our top ten tips to improve your online marketing here!
1. Do you own your domain name?
a. Check through sites like easily.co.uk
b. Purchase .co.uk / .com
2. Is your site hosted on a UK Server?
a. Ask your host company

3. Do you own your web site?
a. Ask your web developer
4. How often do you update your site?
a. Google rewards sites that are updated frequently
5. Do you have support if it’s hacked?
a. Ask your web developers
6. How does your web site grade in the world of Search Engine Marketing?
a. Websitegrader.com
7. Do you have a stats package on your web site?
a. Google Analytics or even from your hosting company
8. Have you secured all your brand names on Social Media platforms?
a. Facebook/Twitter/Google+/YouTube/Flickr
9. Are others talking about you online?
a. Google Alerts – Monitors Google
b. Hootsuite – Monitors Social
10. Does your company have an online marketing strategy?
a. Online marketing is a daily necessity
‘A web site with no marketing
is like hiding a company brochure in a cupboard
and hoping new clients find it!’
If you answered no to any of these questions then you should be reconsidering your online marketing approach.  Here at Web Adept we can help you with all these issues.  Whether its setting up and maintaining your social media accounts, providing content to make your website more search engine friendly or providing you with an online marketing strategy – we can give you a hand.  Why not contact us and see if an online marketing strategy would suit you.  Contact us here or call on 01437 72 00 33.
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By Angus Findlay

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